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Ben Williams

Name: Ben Heath Williams

DOB: January 4th, 1971

Lives: Wakefield

Height: 5’9″

Marital Status: Married to Laura

First Pro Match: November 2006 (Masters Qualifying)

First Pro Ranking Match: June 2007 (Shanghai Masters)

Most Memorable Match: Steve Davis v Stuart Bingham (First Pro Ranking Match)


Why/how did you become a referee?

My own snooker team captain is a referee, he got me assessed and my love for the game grew more from there.

As for why, I just love being a part of it.

What is your highest break?

My highest break in a match is 65. (Better stick to refereeing)

What is the best/worst thing about being a referee?

The best thing about refereeing is meeting all the players that you normally would only see on tv, its a real buzz when you go out to take control of a match you never know quite what to expect

Are/Were you inspired by another referee?

There is one referee i have always looked up to, and that’s Alan Chamberlain, he’s been refereeing for so long and he always looks so calm even when the pressure is on. I hope to be a lot like him.

What is your favourite venue (past or present)?

It has to be the Crucible in Sheffield. The buzz in the arena is amazing even if you’re not refereeing.

Most embarrassing moment?

That’s easy, when in Telford for the UK I was rushed out into the arena with the players but not the match sheet, that’s just a little embarrassing when you’re refereeing for 6 times World Snooker Champion Steve Davis and you can’t start the second frame until somebody brings you a score sheet.

Interests (apart from snooker!)

Main interests apart from snooker are karate, of which I have already reached 1st Dan in 1 style and I am also training in others, watching football, (Leeds United) going out for meals, and spending time with my family.