Terry Griffiths Joins On Q Promotions as Director of Coaching

On Q Promotions Chairman, Paul Mount, announced today that Terry Griffiths, the 1979 World Snooker Champion, widely recognised as the World’s leading coach, has joined On Q Promotions as the new Director of Coaching…

Paul Mount said “I am absolutely delighted that Terry has agreed to join On Q Promotions and the South West Snooker Academy. Our aspirations for the sport dovetail perfectly and I am totally confident that with Terry on board we will continue to introduce more players into snooker and nurture the young talent with Terry’s guidance at our purpose-built facilities at the South West Snooker Academy.”

Terry Griffiths’ role will include being coach to ‘The Pink Army, as On Q Promotions’ 19 managed players are popularly known.

Griffiths enthused “I am really excited about this opportunity. The On Q players include opponents who I played as a professional, players who are real contenders for titles and also the new young talent at the start of their careers. It is a wonderful mix of players and I am looking forward to working with them.”

In a long and illustrious coaching career Griffiths has worked with 7 world champions and many other leading players. But the grass roots is also close to his heart, as is encouraging new players to participate in the sport and enhance their enjoyment and skills.

Paul Mount went on to explain that, in his dual role, Terry will be working to continue to develop the Junior Club at the Academy and bringing his knowledge of Snooker in Schools Projects to the Gloucester facility, to provide opportunities for young players to participate in the sport in the World Snooker endorsed facility.

“Terry is a key piece of the jig saw, working with the Team at the South West Snooker Academy. With the schemes we have in place from Junior Club, Community Projects, local Schools, Summer Schools and the Specialist Packages for International Players and Governing Bodies, I am sure that we will see a future World Champion emerge from the South West Snooker Academy.”

Terry commented “I have been a World Champion, I have coached World Champions but I get an equal amount of pleasure and reward from seeing the smile on the face of a nine or ten year old as they enjoy the sport and improve their skills level.”

Paul Mount, who founded On Q Promotions in 2009 and completed the building of his ‘dream’ facility in June 2010 added “When I told the On Q Players they were so excited to hear that Terry was joining the company. My phone was ringing non stop with our players asking for Terry’s number and asking when they could arrange to see him.

Among the first to congratulate Griffiths on his appointment were On Q Promotions’ senior players Jimmy White and Tony Drago.

In addition to his coaching of pupils, Griffiths also trains the new coaches. He is part of the WPBSA coaching team, along with Steve Davis and Chris Lovell and the next WPBSA Coaches’ Training Course will take place at the South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester on 23-24 June 2011.

Griffiths also devised the Coaches’ Training Scheme for the EBSA, the European Body for Snooker and these coaches are now helping to further develop the sport across Europe and coach the ever-increasing numbers of players in the developing countries.

Lasse Munstermann, Germany’s leading player, who is currently training at the South West Snooker Academy said “This is the best possible news. Already The South West Snooker Academy was the perfect base to come to and now Terry Griffiths is here to, players from all over Europe and the World have the complete package to help them develop their game.”

EBSA works in partnership with South West Snooker Academy and have recently announced that Kacper Filipiak, the 2011 European Under 21 Champion, who has gained a place on the World Snooker Professional Tour for 2011-12, has been offered a Residential Scholarship at the South West Snooker Academy.