New Launched


I am today pleased to say that as mentioned last month we have now launched our new site over at

As regulars will know, my blogs have largely appeared over on the old WPBSA site for some six months now, although not quite as regular as I would have liked given the development of other initiatives in the background. The aim now however is to effectively resume full-time blogging duties over there (PSB section HERE), in addition to the other news and information that will be made available.

You may also notice that I have moved across all of the ranking and provisional ranking tables traditionally resident here at PSB and so going forwards you will be able to access the all-important latest provisional seedings list here.

I would be grateful to receive any feedback on the site (see, it even has a working RSS feed, always popular with readers!), with development an ongoing process with player profiles and an improved coaching section next on the horizon.

This does of course mean that there will be no future blog posts here at itself as the transition to the new site is completed (archive blogs will be carried over).

Again, I would like to thank everybody who has visited the site since its creation in August 2008. If anyone would have told me back then that writing the blog would have ended with me working for the sport’s world governing body then I would never have believed them! And of course that would never have happened without the support of the online snooker community.

See you at the new site!