Belgian Open 2008: Last 16 confirmed


Day two of the Belgian Open is complete and here are the scores from the first of the knockout matches to be played today as stated here:

Last 48:

John Parrott MBE 3-0 Stein De Sterck
Danny Lathouwers 2-3 Dave Harold
Kevin Van Hove 1-3 Speltincx Mario Geudens
Johan D’Hondt 3-1 Nick Vanhee
Alain Vandersteen 3-1 Guy Hendrickx
Yannick Poulain 1-3 Ricky Walden
Tom Ford 3-1 Luca Brecel
Julius Grauls 3-1 Anthony Van Loocke
Stefan Mazrocis 3-0 Gregory Kopec
Steve Lemmens 3-0 Jurgen Van Roy
Andrew Higginson 1-3 Jamie Cope
Chris Henry 0-3 Michael Holt
Lasse Münstermann 3-1 Jurgen Van den Bossche
Yvan Van Velthoven 0-3 Gerard Greene
Dominic Dale 3-0 Tino De Witte
Kasra Khavaran 3-0 Marc Dierens

Last 32:

Mark Selby 3-0 John Parrott MBE
Barry Hawkins 1-3 Dave Harold
Mark Davis 3-0 Mario Geudens
Mark King 3-1 Johan D’Hondt
Neil Robertson 3-0 Alain Vandersteen
Bjorn Haneveer 0-3 Ricky Walden
Jimmy Michie 0-3 Tom Ford
Ryan Day 3-2 Julius Grauls
Stephen Maguire 3-0 Stefan Mazrocis
Matthew Stevens 3-0 Steve Lemmens
Ken Doherty 2-3 Jamie Cope
Joe Perry 3-0 Michael Holt
Graeme Dott 3-0 Lasse Münstermann
Stuart Bingham 2-3 Gerard Greene
Mark J Williams MBE 3-1 Dominic Dale
Shaun Murphy 3-2 Kasra Khavaran

With all of the local amateur players unfortunately now out of the tournament, this at least leaves a mouthwatering line-up in the last 16 tomorrow morning. With the lowest ranked player still in the tournament being the in-form world number 58 Mark Davis, the final day should be the best yet.

Last 16 lineup:

Mark Selby v Dave Harold
Mark Davis v Mark King
Neil Robertson v Ricky Walden
Stephen Maguire v Matthew Stevens
Jamie Cope v Joe Perry
Graeme Dott v Gerard Greene
Mark J Williams MBE v Shaun Murphy

As a side issue, the highest break of the tournament remains the 142 made by Australia’s Neil Robertson on day one.

Belgian Open 2008: Last 48 Draw

Following the Saturday morning matches, the situation is now as follows:

Last 48 Draw from CueSport TV:

* S. Mazrocis v G. Kopec (winner plays S. Maguire)
* S. Lemmes v J. Van Roy (winner plays M. Stevens)
* A. Higginson v J. Cope (Winner plays K. Doherty)
* C. Henry v M. Holt (Winner plays J. Perry)
* L. Munstermann v J. Vanden Bossche (Winner plays G. Dott)
* Y. Van Velthoven v G. Greene (Winner plays S. Bingham)
* D. Dale v T. De Witte (Winner plays M. Williams)
* K. Khavaran v M. Dierens (Winner plays Shaun Murphy)
* P. Geysels v S. De Sterck (Winner plays M. Selby)
* D. Lathouwers v D Harold (Winner plays B. Hawkins)
* K. Van Hove-Speltincx v M. Geudens (Winner plays Mark Davis)
* J. D’Hondt v N. Vanhee (Winner plays M. King)
* A. Vandersteen v G. Hendrickx (Winner plays N. Robertson)
* P. Raes v R. Walden (Winner plays Bjorn Haneveer)
* T. Ford v L. Brecel (Winner plays J. Michie)
* J. Grauls v A. Van Loocke (Winner plays R. Day)