The Crucible Curse – A Look Back


This year Mark Selby will become the first player since Neil Robertson in 2011 to try and dispel the so-called ‘Crucible Curse’ that no first time champion will successfully defend the World Championship title at the Crucible Theatre.

Click below for my look back through time at how previous first-time world champions have seen their defences ended…

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One Frame

While I suspect that many people reading this blog will have a keen interest in snooker, of course there are many others who do not follow the sport. Indeed excluding those that I know through attending tournaments, I do not know more than a couple of people who have any great understanding of the sport at a professional level.

With that in mind, tonight I posed the question on Twitter as to if you could show a ‘non-snooker fan’ one frame of snooker, in order to sell the sport to them, which would it be? Click below for the best of the replies and to make your suggestion…

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Higgins letter up for auction

Alex Higgins may now be gone but he will not be forgotten. On the 25th November 2010 a unique item will be up for grabs at auction, namely the letter of apology written to the Colin Randle, the official whom Alex famously assaulted at the 1990 World Championship. The letter is obviously one of a kind and is expected to fetch between £1,500-£2,000 at auction.

Please click here to view the letter.