• noel

    just a short message to comment on the great masters snooker on at the moment but its such a shame the commentators are so bad that thorne and taylor are so bad as for doherty and davis the boring children clive everton is the best no talking crap virgos not to bad taylor is brutal he talks like hes in love with the players so bloody nice to everyone hes going soft needs to retire neill foulds is agood commentator the bbc need to get the good commentators back soon

  • robert stevens

    To Willie Thorn

    I was watching the Murphy v Robertson semi-final while Mr. Thorn was commentating. I got so fed-up with Mr. Thorn’s inability to keep his mouth shut, his colleague, Ken Docherty couldn’t get a word in. In the end, I switched the commentary off!

    Please,please please ask Mr Thorn to learn that he does not have to fill silent gaps in the commentary with his verbal diarrhea. Virgo is much the same as Thorn. They really should take a leaf out of Dennis Taylor’s commentary style and skill with the computer. – Far superior!

    Kind Regards

    Robert A Stevens

  • robert stevens


    Any follow-up comments welcomed via e-mail

  • Mr Jonczyk

    I agree– The general public do need little breaks of breathing space from the commentary. When all said and done majority have basic knowledge anyway.

  • darshan

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  • Serenity

    Mr Robertson, you are quoted as saying you would like to change places with someone who is poor.

    When are you going to do that?

  • Michael J Mc Auliffe

    About a month ago I sent an e-mail about my idea to make snooker a
    much better and honest game to the WPBSA ,I din not recieve a reply,so I have
    decided to send this open letter to
    various media institutions and will give the first one to react the
    exclusive rights to my idea.I am fully confident that it”s going to
    blow the roof off snooker and only in a positive way.

    My name is Michael Mc Auliffe I was born on the 23rd of June 1958 in
    Cork city in Ireland, From a very early age I fell in love with the
    game of snooker.I must have seen every game
    since it was first broad casted on the BBC. Of course my heroes were
    Jimmy White and the famous Alex (hurricane ) Higgens.I remember the
    first time Mr Barry Hearn entered the
    arena to congratulate Steve Davis on his first world title. Who s this
    guy I said to myself,and from that moment I have followed his
    involvement as a sports promoter for the likes of
    darts , golf , and The Matchroom snooker players.When I heard that Mr
    Hearn was to be the new chairman of snooker I was delighted,because
    the game I love would be in good hands.
    The reason for my enthusiasm about Mr Barry Hearn goes back to the
    eighties in Holland where incidentally I have been living for the last
    thirty years. I was involved in snooker as a
    player and as an advocate to get the two organisations in Holland to
    affiliate with the WPBSA but to no avail.I enjoyed the sport and
    played it to quiet a high standard, ( armature champion 1984 &1985).
    I lost interest in the sport because of the lack of motivation shown
    in Holland at the time. Well thanks to Mr Barry Hearn the situation
    has changed and some old friends are crawling out of the woodwork
    to play on the green Baez once again.The new ranking system to my
    understanding gives everybody the chance to pursue his or her dreams
    and enjoy playing this wonderful game.Now ! I have come up
    with such a simple but extremely effective way of bringing a huge
    change ( the rules do not change) into the television and
    entertainment side of the game. I am like the guy that walked into the
    Coca Cola
    company and said CAN it.This idea of mine will also enhance the
    integrity of the sport and I know as a player will give peace of mind.

    Are you intrested..

    PS please be.
    Kind regards Michael J Mc Auliffe

  • Toby

    Did you known that Willie Thorne also commentates on Sky Sports.
    Please add Willie Thorne to the list of Sky Sports Commentary Team
    Greetings Toby.

  • David

    What is the point of a snooker commentator? I wish they would all shut up. All they tell us is what the player is going to do next. If they think they are so good, why aren’t they playing in the tournament. Pity there isn’t a channel where all you hear is the sound of balls hitting each other. That’s all the audience hears!

  • Jon Power

    I wish John Virgo would stop predicting what players need to do next to win the frame/game. It’s a sure commentators’ curse!!

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