PSB Update

WPBSAsquareI have recently received a few comments on the blog regarding the lack of new content following my announcement last year that I would be joining the WPBSA on a full-time basis.

To clarify, my blog has since continued over at here, with all of the ranking and tour structure blogs that I have worked on here at PSB since 2008. The updated provisional ranking lists on the other hand have continued to be posted here at PSB, pending the construction of a new WPBSA website.

I am happy to say that the build of the new site is well underway and it is hoped that it will be ready to launch for the start of the new season, or certainly not long after that point. This site will contain all of the provisional list, points to defend tables and various ‘race’ lists that I have managed here, in addition to preview and round-up blogs around tournaments analysing the latest position and implications of results.

More news will follow in due course, but for now keep an eye out for my blogs and much more snooker news at ahead of the start of the 2016/17 season!

  • disqususer144

    There is no RSS/atom feed for the new blog, so it’s not really a blog.

  • Matt Griffiths

    RSS feed please!

  • Max

    Can you add rss to the new blog please

  • Matt

    Noted – will add it to the new site once it is available

  • bluelagoon

    the more you twitter, the less you blog. The same trend with snookerbacker. Twitter kills the blogeo star. But the rarer articles are of course as good and infomative as ever. so keep the good work going on. And yes….. rss-feed is a good idea.

    • Matt

      There will be more again in the future but I’m doing a lot of other things now behind the scenes, just need time to get the foundations in place before I can get back to more regular blogging.

  • Emily Bradford

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  • James Mac

    Will somebody please inform Phil Yates to cut out the hideous prattling which he indulges himself with during live table action which invariably has no connection with the transmission. I am currently watching the 2019 Grand Prix final and during live table action he is rabbiting on about a 2016 final. Yates is by far the worst snooker commentator ever. Instead of contributing towards table action he is positively distracting. Now he is going on about USA past presidents. What a prat