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Mike Hallett

Name: Mike Hallett

DOB: July 2nd, 1959

Nationality: English

Turned Pro: 1983

Highest Ranking: #6 (1989-90)

Highest Break: 139 (1990 World Matchplay)

Career Highlights: 1989 Hong Kong Open Champion, 1991 Regal Scottish Masters, 1990 Humo Masters Champion, 1988 & 1990 B&H Masters Finalist, 1987 World Doubles Champion, 1991 World Masters Doubles Champion.

Playing Career

Mike was a talented junior who having taken the national under-16′s Championship in 1975, turned professional five years later and performed strongly enough in his first season to enter the rankings in 29th place.

Though he managed to qualify to play at the Crucible for the first time the following season, he lost 10-4 to John Virgo in the first round and saw himself drop down two places in the rankings as a result. Indeed the next few seasons were a struggle for Mike as he hovered around the fringes of the top 32, not winning a match at the Crucible until his fifth attempt in 1986.

His next season however was a major improvement as victories over Tony Knowles and Silvino Francisco to take him to the quarter-finals helped him gain 11 places to move into the top 16 where he would remain for five years, peaking at number 6.

He again made the World Championship quarter-finals in 1989 before losing out to Steve Davis, as well as winning his sole ranking event title, the Hong Kong Open during the same year, but perhaps the defining moment of his career proved to be a sour one.

Having beaten Alan McManus, Neal Foulds and Terry Griffiths to reach the final for the second time, he found himself up against defending champion Stephen Hendry who looked to complete a hat-trick of titles. Remarkably Mike raced ahead into a 7-0 and then 8-2 lead, but when clearing up for victory played a poor shot on the blue which left the pink awkward and having missed it, could only watch with horror as Hendry completed a remarkable 9-8 comeback.

From this point on he was never the same place and dropped out of the top 16 at the end of the following season. He remained on the tour until 2004/5 and has since competed on the PIOS, coming close to making it back onto the main tour for the 2009/10 season following an event final the season previously.

Television Work

Since dropping down the rankings and losing his place on the main tour, Mike has taken to commentating both for Eurosport as part of their coverage of the ranking event tournaments in snooker, and Matchroom Sport on the Premier League on Sky.

Tournament Victories:

Ranking Event wins (1)

Event Year
Hong Kong Open Champion 1989

Non-Ranking Event wins (5)

Event Year
Humo Masters 1990
Regal Scottish Masters 1991
World Doubles 1987
World Masters Doubles 1991
National U-16′s Championship 1975
  • William Mann

    Well i just want tosay thanks very mch indeed. Was very interesting to find out a bit about Mike, as it’s been a while since i’ve heard a peep about him. Great to see he’s still playing and i hope we get to see a bit more of Mike in the future, was a very exciting and talented potter.

  • http://www.northwestsnooker.co.uk Steve Wilkinson

    Met Mike whilst looking after the snooker tables at Pontin’s Globe Centre and whilst working for my former employee (who won’t be mentioned) Very nice guy indeed we had a few drinks together throughout the two weeks. Very funny and witty fellow. He told be a story whilst commentating on Eurosport about the King and Foo match at a £50:00 bet. Mike if you read this you’ll know what I mean. All the best Mate. Regards Steve

  • Richard

    Hi Mike!

    I watched the finals of the German Masters on Eurosport (Williams vs Selby) and am 100% certain that Williams committed a violation during the 15th game that (unbelievably!) went unnoticed by his opponent, the referee, the tv commentators, etc. I’ve replayed the video of this several times and also showed it to friends who are very knowledgeable about snooker…and we’re all in total shock that this foul went undetected.

    I’m very eager to discuss this with you in detail & to describe exactly what transpired. Please make contact! Best wishes, Richard [omer-ro(at)actcom(dot)co(dot)il]

  • Morris

    Hi Mike,

    Will you please, PLEASE stop calling ordinary doubles cross doubles. Cross doubles are different in that the cue ball crosses the path the doubled ball takes, hence the term “cross” double.


  • isaac tucker

    Below copied from eurosport.com comments I agree entirely, but when I wrote to Mike Hallet directly on the matter, I recived an answer that I was rude

    Also, please tell Mike Hallet to shut­ up. He suffers from verbal diarrhoea. Because you­ missed the first 6 frames of last nights final, I­ watched it on my computer. Clive Everton was the­ commentator. He is perfect, only speaking when­ absolutely necessary, as we have the pictures and can­ see what is going on. Mike Hallet, take a leaf out of­ Clive Everton’s book,. Listen to his commentaries­ and learn. We do not need all the chat

  • melvyn willetts

    is mike hallet going to try again to get on the nain tour

  • http://prosnookerblog.com Chris Wood

    A number of years ago now i met mike in the snooker room at Prestatyn Pontins who kindly gave up his time every week for guest visits overseeing the weekly competitions.He entertained everyone including myself my son and daughter and afterwards we played for a couple of hours on the green baize.I just want to say you cannot meet a nicer person,we played and chatted and although may sound a bit naff but will always be a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.I went on to win the weekly comp and then was entered later on in the year for the Pontins British title which i also won, which id like to think was down to playing the great man previously.Unfortunately now my lamps have gone and the concentration is not as it was,the frustration level being ten fold so i have had to give up. Memories of total clearances and century breaks a distant memory but meeting Mike will always bring a smile to my face (for the right reasons lol).If you read this MIke just want to say a big thankyou and good luck whatever you are doing.