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Phil Yates

Name: Phil Yates


Nationality: English

Snooker Commentator Since:

Career Highlights:







Career Summary

A snooker journalist and commentator for several years now, Phil can most often be heard these days commenting on the Premier and Championship League competitions for Matchroom Sport. In the past he has also commentated on ranking events such as the British Open on SkySports.

Away from the TV you can read his thoughts on the game in Snooker Scene for which he is their Chief Reporter, as well as in various newspapers such as The Guardian, The Times and The Observer.

Phil interviewing 2009 Championship League winner Judd Trump
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  • geoffrey howell

    Phil Yates might be a great bloke and a knowledgible commentator,but he has to have the worst and most annoying voice I have ever heard.He speaks like he has plum in his mouth.When I watch snooker and he is on ,I have to turn the sound down.How did he get the job with a voice like that?

    • alex koh

      I agree. Phil’s main problem is that he is blessed or cursed with an excellent memory. I get tired of the reminisences/general chitchat and miss the technical comments from a pro player. He is quite unsuited for the job. I have the same problem with Dougie Donnelly commenting on golf. His voice also drives me to switch the sound off.

      • Martin

        Sorry I have to disagree with you, not just because I can do an excellent impression of him. My gripe with modern TV coverage is that all they do is hire ex pros who might have excelled at the game, but are realistically unqualified for the job and are usually dull (Hendry, Doherty). I’m holding on dearly to those that have gained the position through media and hold English degrees with an excellent knowledge of the game they love. Clive Everton is one, Peter Yates is another. But its a personal opinion, I don’t mind his voice.

    • http://www.albertasnooker.com Randall Morrison

      Oh I could not agree more!

      Now I’ll be picturing him in the box with a bowl of plums every time I’m stuck with his coverage.

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  • peter

    i also disagree phil is a great bloke and i don’t think he has a bad voice at all , i’ve known phil yates for some years now , i used to play snooker against him and i think he is also a fantastic commentator at golf as well .