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Eirian Williams

Name: Eirian Williams

DOB: 3rd September

Nationality: Welsh

First Pro Match: 1991

147’s Officiated: 4

Career Highlights: Officiated: Four World Championship finals, three maximum breaks as well as several finals at the tour’s other major tournaments




Career Summary

A professional snooker referee of over 20 years, Welshman Eirian Williams has done it all in the game and has been selected to take charge of all of the major finals within the game during his career.

Eirian’s first match in front of the TV cameras took place in 1995 as Jimmy White comprehensively defeated Scotland’s Billy Snaddon 5-0 and since then he has not looked back. His first ranking event final came at the 1998 Welsh Open as Paul Hunter captured the title with a 9-5 win over John Higgins.

Eirian at the 2011 World Championship

Three years later in 2001 Eirian then realised a dream by refereeing both the UK and World Championship finals, as well as a 147 break by Ronnie O’Sullivan at the China International.

Since then the former policeman has continued to play a prominent role in the major events, going on to referee the World final on a further three occasions as well as countless other ranking event finals. In addition he was also in charge of the memorable dramatic 2006 Masters final when John Higgins defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-8 on the final black.

Major Finals:

Event Year
World Championship 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010
UK Championship 2001, 2007, 2009, 2011
Masters 2006
Grand Prix 2006, 2008
  • Alex

    Eirian has also refereed the Grand Prix Final in 2006 and 2008.

  • Patrick Raeburn.

    Please clarify this problem for me. Situation:- White goes in-off with one red left on the table. This red is being blocked by the pink. A free ball is nominated, i.e., the yellow. However, the shot is then miscued and the brown is struck. Is this a foul or is it the case that all the balls on the table become reds, hence an ok shot? If it is the case that all balls are reds, is there any need to nominate a ball as a free ball?

    Many thanks,

    Patrick Raeburn.

    • Robert Hunt

      It’s a foul Patrick. Although all of the balls can be counted as a red, only the one which is nominated is a valid red ball. It’s like when someone nominates a colour, it’s a foul if they hit another colour even though they could play that ball.

  • Larry Firth

    To previous question on nominated ball where in the official rules i.e. the big book with all revisions over the years does is say that a verbally nominated ball supersedes any other form of communication when nominating a colour.

  • larry firth

    A player nominates the yellow then says green then red and shoots an obvious blue was that legal

  • larry firth

    a player is colour blind. cannot tell the difference between pink and brown. situation is 1 player has 33 points with 1 red left. other player pots the last red. the brown is the easy ball for the runout. player could also easyly shoot the balck. the player states i nominate that ball the pink which is actually the brown what must the referee do.this is the final frame of the final in a major tournament outside the uk. does hte referee inform the player that it is acyually the brown, lets them shoot and calls a foul. because what ever the referee does will probally decide the winner.