Stuart Pettman: As Sometimes Seen on TV (Book)

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Title: Stuart Pettman: As Sometimes Seen on TV

Paperback: 229 pages

Price: £8.99 + postage and packaging of £2.50 in the UK (or £3.50 outside of the UK)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-616-7019-56-7

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As stated above, the price of the book is £8.99 in addition to postage and packaging costs of £2.50 in the UK or £3.50 outside of the UK.


Product Description:

Stuart Pettman is not a household name. In fact, his name is probably familiar only to the most discerning of snooker fans, and it is for those enthusiasts of the game that this book was originally conceived.

Of course, most players like to win a world title or two before venturing into print, but here Stuart casts aside such conventions in his account of the 2009-10 season, written from the vantage point of 35th place in the world rankings.

What is it like to take on Ronnie O’Sullivan in front of a full house in China?

What is it like to take on Dave Harold in front of a couple of pensioners in North Wales?

What makes TV tables so different to the ones in your club?

What exactly goes through a professional’s mind when he’s at the table – or in his chair?

Why isn’t being the owner of a snooker club the path to untold riches?

Why is it so much harder to play 9-ball pool than you’d expect, given that the pockets are absolutely massive?

Stuart answers all of these questions and more as he juggles the twin challenges of trying to beat the best players in the world while ensuring the disparate cast of members in his club don’t have too many complaints to bend his ear about.

Click here to read my recent interview with Stuart in which he talks about why he decided to write the book or here to view an extract from the book.

You can also read his interview with the Lancashire Evening Post here.


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