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Stuart Pettman: As Sometimes Seen on TV (Book)

Product Details

Title: Stuart Pettman: As Sometimes Seen on TV

Paperback: 229 pages

Price: £8.99 + postage and packaging of £2.50 in the UK (or £3.50 outside of the UK)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-616-7019-56-7

How to Buy:

Please send an email to prosnookerblogshop@gmail.com giving the postal address you would like the book delivered to.

You will then receive by email a secure Paypal invoice which can be paid online by credit card (or by using your own Paypal account if you have one). Your book will be sent immediately upon receipt of payment.

The book is also available in Waterstones Preston and at the Elite Snooker Club.


As stated above, the price of the book is £8.99 in addition to postage and packaging costs of £2.50 in the UK or £3.50 outside of the UK.


Product Description:

Stuart Pettman is not a household name. In fact, his name is probably familiar only to the most discerning of snooker fans, and it is for those enthusiasts of the game that this book was originally conceived.

Of course, most players like to win a world title or two before venturing into print, but here Stuart casts aside such conventions in his account of the 2009-10 season, written from the vantage point of 35th place in the world rankings.

What is it like to take on Ronnie O’Sullivan in front of a full house in China?

What is it like to take on Dave Harold in front of a couple of pensioners in North Wales?

What makes TV tables so different to the ones in your club?

What exactly goes through a professional’s mind when he’s at the table – or in his chair?

Why isn’t being the owner of a snooker club the path to untold riches?

Why is it so much harder to play 9-ball pool than you’d expect, given that the pockets are absolutely massive?

Stuart answers all of these questions and more as he juggles the twin challenges of trying to beat the best players in the world while ensuring the disparate cast of members in his club don’t have too many complaints to bend his ear about.

Click here to read my recent interview with Stuart in which he talks about why he decided to write the book or here to view an extract from the book.

You can also read his interview with the Lancashire Evening Post here.


Please feel free to leave a review of the book either by emailing me at my usual address or by leaving a comment on this page.

  • tazmania

    £11.49 seems to be hefty price for book that has a very small target audience and on top of that not everyone who knows pettmen will buy the book.

    • harry 43

      If you think £11.49 isa hefty price I presume you will not be buying a copy, so how can you know what the target audience will be. I suggest you buy a copy and discover V .F.M. ( value for money )

    • touching cloth

      It usually follows that books with a smaller target audience are more expensive than those with a larger audience, as the production cost per unit is higher, and therefore I think £11.49 is very reasonable. Just ordered mine and looking forward to reading a slightly different perspective on the game. With the greatest of respect to Graeme Dott’s book, I think this will be more entertaining…and it’s cheaper! Bonus!

  • matt2745

    The price isn’t anything to do with me but I don’t think that it is unreasonable really.

    By comparison the recent books of both Graeme Dott and John Virgo have an RRP of around £17.99 plus postage.

  • tazmania

    Im just using common sense snooker isnt massive in the UK ( some people find it hard to believe) but its true. Snooker is declining in the uk, and becoming a niche. So the target audience is small compared to other big sellers, even then stuart pettman is reletivly unknown to casual fans, thats what narrows the target audience. To top that people like me who thinks it is expensive might not buy it so the audience is even further narrowed. Maybe if it is translated into chinese, they may widen the audience a bit further

  • northerner

    Here’s a link to a newspaper interview with Stuart about his book.


  • Wolfgang

    I ordered the book but when I try to pay it I’m forced to open up an account with paypal which I don’t want to do. So no book for me which is really sad.

    • northerner


      You can definitely pay using a credit card. The invoice gives you the option to pay in various ways, so when it offers paypal, you don’t have to select that. There will be a credit card option there too. Try again – the book is well worth it.

    • matt2745

      Hi Wolfgang,

      Apologies for the confusion, as northerner has said there is also an option to pay by credit card. Hopefully we will be able to get you a copy sorted should you still wish to get your hands on one.

      Thanks for bringing the matter to our attention.

      • Wolfgang

        I tried again today and after deleting cookies and cache it worked. Hurra! :)

        Can’t wait to read it since I really liked the extracts which were posted here. And thanks to Graeme, Matt and notherner (in alphabetical order) for your support.

  • Alistair

    Is the book hardback or paperback?

    • matt2745


      The book is paperback

  • Jan

    Just finished the book. Brilliant – a lot of behind-the-scenes true snooker fans have had to wait a very long time for! Even made me laugh out loud twice. Overall it was a very enjoyable read!

  • Kevin

    Is the book still available for sale? I sent an email to the address listed above but still haven’t heard back.

    • matt2745

      Hi Kevin,

      I will find out for you, Graeme (the author), deals with that side of things so I will check what the position is and email you.


      • Kevin

        Thanks Matt.

  • northerner

    Definitely still available so no worries on that front.