Race to stay on tour 2010: All you need to know

Following the completion of the China Open qualifiers this week there is just one more tournament to play this season for the vast majority of those players battling for their main tour places. With those World Championship qualifiers just weeks away I have attempted to summarise as best I can who looks safe, who looks doomed and who are the players right in there with a chance of survival. Click below for all the information…

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2008/9 Player Reviews: The Unlucky 24

Whilst you might be expecting me to review the season by looking back over the various tournaments staged, as I have already done that (for half the season anyway), as part of my 2008 review, I am going to do things a little differently here.

Instead I am going to look back at the seasons of each of the top 96 players on tour, increasing in detail as we move up the rankings. Today sees me look back at the 24 players who barring wildcards, will have lost their main tour places at the end of the season…

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