Amateur Opportunities

Much has been made this season of the opportunity presented to the players further down the rankings by the introduction of the new Players Tour Championship and that is absolutely correct. It should not be forgotten however that the series also affords an amazing opportunity to snooker’s amateur players. For more on why I think that this is the case and why I think that the PTC has so far been a positive innovation for the sport, please click below…

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Snooker Players Unite in Attempt to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Paul Mount with members of the On Q Promotions team of professional Snooker players in their pink waistcoats at the Six Reds World Championships in Killarney, Ireland.

Jimmy White is one of a number of professional snooker players who are getting together in an attempt to raise awareness of breast cancer through a new snooker tournament called the “Pink Ribbon”.

Jimmy will be joined by fellow professionals Stephen Lee, Barry Hawkins, Gerard Greene, Robert Milkins, Andrew Norman and many more in competing in the Pink Ribbon finals at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester…

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