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    1. Hi,

      That happens when a player takes a free ball at the start of the frame following a foul, so plays a colour as a red, then another colour, then 15 reds and blacks and the 6 colours. The highest break possible therefore is actually a 155.

    1. How could anyone make a break *over* 155? “Special circumstances”
      like additional balls on the table?

        1. It’s impossible to have a break over 155, what is possible is a frame score over 155, if a player fouls before the other start is break, but never a “break” itself over 155.

  1. I don’ think you can call David Grey’s 147 a official one as there was no referee present and technically this was the amateur pre qualifying for the event.

    There have been 147’s before at Pontins under the same circumstances and they were also not counted as a official professional 147 break.

  2. No. It is possible to make a break over 155. If the referee makes a misstake and replaces a red ball instead of the brown, the rules say that the red should stay on the table.

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