Selby on League debut

Mark Selby has been speaking to the Leicester Mercury about his debut in the Premier League competition tonight.

He said:

“There are only six matches and I need to win four to reach the semi-finals,” said Selby.

“Ding has been struggling lately, but you play only six frames against each player so it can be a bit of a lottery.

“Hopefully, I’ll have a good run, because I want to stay in it for next season.”

On the shot clock:

“The 25-second shot rule will be interesting,”

“I’ve quickened up my action and I feel confident with it.

“But it doesn’t happen overnight and will still take some time before I’m used to it completely.”

On his Northern Ireland Trophy defeat to Ian McCulloch:

“I didn’t play drastically. It was the first tournament of the season and I got some ranking points on board. There is still time to improve.”