Pro Snooker Blog – What do you want to see here?

Help me improve Pro Snooker Blog by letting me know what you want to see here…

Having had the site up now for about six weeks, I’ve been wondering which of my posts people find the most interesting on here and what kind of information is the most useful to you all.

As regular readers will know, a fair few posts tend to be match reviews, though I appreciate that these are also covered on other, more official websites. From the matches I watch though I do try to make these more detailed so hopefully these prove to be useful for people.

As well as those there are the ticket updates, links to interviews and of course the player profiles that I am working through. Hopefully those will be completed in a month or two and I can move onto the Legends and TV stuff.

Just generally wondering what people want to see on here really. It’s noticeable that a number of readers are not from the UK so it is hard for me to appreciate what the information and TV coverage is like outside of England. If there is anything in particular that is not covered in your area that I could help with then I would be very interested to know of it.

Feel free to leave comments on this page or send me an email and thanks for visiting.