Luckless Holt shocked by Milkins comeback

Following his 5-4 defeat to Robert Milkins in his Bahrain last 16 match yesterday, Michael Holt has described what happened as “absolutely frightening.” To read his extensive quotes in full, click below:

Holt is reported on thisisnottingham as saying:

“I just wish it was taped. You could show it to kids then to stop them playing the game,”

“If you are ever feeling down or blue or annoyed with life, just watch that. At least you are not Michael Holt. You will walk out of there doing cartwheels.

“That is absolutely frightening. I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe it and I didn’t deserve that.

“I just want to go home, but I don’t want to think about the game. But I can’t criticise myself either. What else can I do? I have never been that unlucky in my career, ever.

“To 4-3, I haven’t had one good opportunity to win, I didn’t have a chance to score. I had a half-chance with the black tied up, but I could never have said that I was going to win it from there.

“At 4-3 he had a red along the rail. If he had missed that I would have had a chance to clear up. But he missed it in one corner, it rattled back over to the other cushion, back again, and just dropped in the corner he originally missed it in.

“In the next frame, right early on at 4-4, he has smashed the reds everywhere, fluked one, and has gone on to make 60.

“I just don’t know what to do. I have got to play faultless snooker, and not let them have a shot. Otherwise I can’t win. It is embarrassing.”

“I am trying to sort my attitude out because I have been an idiot in the past. I have never done myself justice.

“I have come out here to Bahrain, done all the right things, but that was just frightening.”

Poor old Michael, he just never seems to get a lucky break unfortunately, though he will be the first to admit that his problems are often of his own making.

I really hope that this defeat doesn’t destroy the second half of his season because I genuinely think that he has played really well so far and looks more solid than he has done in recent years. He won’t forget this match in a hurry though…