Maplin Electronics UK Championship Qualifiers

Today marks the start of the UK Championship qualifiers up at the EIS in Sheffield as those players outside of the top 16 begin their quest for big ranking points in what is the second biggest event of the year…

Now as regular readers will know, I like to give updates on the day as it unfolds but tomorrow I will be at the EIS watching some of the action myself so this blog will be pretty quiet throughout the day unfortunately. On the plus side though I will be able to report in much more detail on some matches and hopefully catch some of the players as their matches finish.

The main match I am hoping to see is the one between Li Hang and Daniel Wells, two very talented newcomers to the tour this year who have really made an impact, so it should be a good watch. In the afternoon I suspect that I will see how Liu Chuang is getting on, though the match between Peter Lines and Michael Georgiou could also be interesting. Hopefully at some point I can have a look at Vinnie Muldoon too, another talented newcomer.

For all the action this week, as usual please visit the GSC for the latest updates by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Just off-topic, tonight I have completed the final player profile on my players page, hopefully they will be of use to people and I will be able to keep them updated as the season progresses.