Day Three from Hamm

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Day 3 and final …

Only serious snooker on Sunday night. Best of eleven between Barry Hawkins and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Again a fully packed arena, again a standing ovation!
It was a very good entertaining match both player playing open attacking snooker. No centuries but breaks over 50 in every frame but one. Ronnie attemped a maxi but lost position after the 10 th red. Final score: Ronnie 6 – 2 Barry. Both players looked genuinly pleased after the match.
More autographs, again an incredibly long line. Again certainly it must have finished after midnight although I didn’t stay until then… at 11:45 the line was still rather impressive.

All praise to the organisers. This was a very good event with a good mix of fun and serious quality snooker. All praise to Rolf Kalb who did a very good job at animating it. Thanks to Bernie Mickelheit and Oli Strailers (I hope I spelled this correctly, please don’t hesitate to correct me …) who “ruled” the overenthusiastic crowd sometimes firmly but kindly. And above all thanks to ALL the player who gave it their best! THIS WAS GREAT.

Now heading home. Pictures to come in the coming weeks. Be patient… I’m still working with films, so developing and scanning take some time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for those photos!