Gunnell urges Telford support

Telford pro Adrian Gunnell has been speaking to the Shropshire Star about the importance of fans coming out to attend the UK Championship this year and supporting the event if the tournament is going to remain in Telford beyond this year…

Adrian said:

“It’s brilliant that Telford has got such a big tournament again and great for the county,”

“All the players and officials really enjoyed coming here last year and all the feedback I got when I asked people what they thought was positive.

“There were good crowds and it’s important again this year that the good crowds are drawn in.

“The tournament was only moved from the Barbican Centre in York because they had a revamp there and I think that has finished now so they will be keen to get the tournament back.”

Hopefully the event will be supported well again this year, particularly after the poor crowds in Bahrain that were so painfully apparent on the TV. That said, from a personal point of view York is much closer to me so I would certainly not be sorry to see the Championship move back to the Barbican Centre!

Adrian is currently in action against Steve Davis in the first session of his fourth qualifying round match at the EISS and trails 1-0 early on. For all the latest news, please check here.