Dott – I’ve still got it

Scotland’s Graeme Dott has had a tough time of late, but after his first match win in a long time against Ken Doherty in the UK Championship last month, he is optimistic that now he can get his career back on track…

Graeme told The Herald:


“It’s been a bad few months,”

“it’s been very hard for me, but I’m glad to say my form is picking up. I beat Ken Doherty at the UK Championship last month – and that was one of the best matches of snooker I’ve ever played.

“It’s nice to know you’ve still got it, because when you’re losing you do start to doubt yourself.”


On his Masters opponent Stephen Maguire:



“We’ve only played each other a few times, but I’m sure it will be a great game, especially for the Scottish fans,”

“I get on really well with Stephen, we practise together sometimes. He’s one of the world’s best players, but if I play well then I know I’m capable of beating him.”

“I think I’m in a false position in the provisional rankings because I missed two tournaments because of my broken wrist.

“But I can’t do anything about that now, all I can do is win a few matches and make sure of my place in the top 16 for next season.”


While the upcoming Masters is not a ranking event, a few good wins at Wembley would certainly do no harm for a player who after a terrible 18 months or so, finally seems to be turning things around.

Down at number 41 provisionally, Grame could really do with a strong end to the season with the events in Wales, China and of course the World Championship in Sheffield. While remaining in the top 16 appears to be near-impossible, if he could somehow retain a place in the top 32 then this would probably represent a successful season for Dott given how things have unfolded.

Whatever happens, at just 31 years of age, Graeme has more than enough time to work his way back up the rankings again.