Site News

As I like to do from time to time, here is an update on Pro Snooker Blog and how I see the site evolving between now and the end of the current snooker season…

Yes it is hard to believe that I have been running this blog for nearly five months now but hopefully you will feel that it has continued to improve as time has gone by.

Overall I am pretty happy with how the site looks now, though I will continue to tinker with it whenever I feel that something can be improved. Here are a few changes that have been made recently as well as those coming soon…

Recent Additions

The more observant of you may have noticed a few additions recently, most notably my memorabilia section which is now pretty much complete. You can access that via the link at the top of the page or my clicking here.

Also I have tried to improve my results/rankings page by linking directly to the corresponding results page on the Global Snooker Centre. Hopefully this is sufficient for now, as nice as it would be to have my own results page it seems to be pretty pointless when they already do such a good job! If there are any other results that you feel should be included then please let me know.

In addition over the last few weeks I have made a start on the Legends page, as well as creating profile pages for the referees, although they remain pretty bare at the moment.

Future Plans

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy as not only are there the qualifiers and final stages of the China and Welsh Open tournaments, but in between the Championship League is going to be taking up a fair few days.

When I do get some spare time however, I am looking to flesh out the referees pages that I have created, as well as making pages for both the legends and TV/Commentators sections which have been empty for far too long now. Don’t expect too much too soon but hopefully over the next few weeks you will see more progress in those areas.

Elsewhere  I am considering creating some sort of results archive for tournaments past and present, or at the very least providing access to another site where you will be able to get that information. Would that be useful to people or are the likes of Wikipedia comprehensive enough?

I am also giving some thought to creating an archive page for some of my older blog posts, in particular reports from the venues and experiences from other plans as they are probably the most interesting for you to read. Or am I wrong? Do feel free to let me know what you want from this site.

Finally I hope to attend much of the World qualifiers as well as the World Championship proper at the Crucible as in previous year so hope to produce plenty of pictures and unique reports from the venue on a daily (probably nightly!), basis so be sure to check back for those.


One change that I am considering making to the site during ranking events in particular are to the format of my match reports. For the past few tournaments I have attempted to give a report on each match played, but unfortunately the workload can get a bit tough, particularly during the UK’s when there were 12 matches on each day for the earlier rounds!

Also I feel that for a blog, detailed match reports for every event are probably not what I intended the site to provide, I just kinda fell into it somehow early on and stuck with it. Instead I want to shift the emphasis to more editorial style pieces that allow me to discuss the game, players or events in general and perhaps start a debate.

It’s just what I am thinking at the moment though I have not quite made my mind up yet. I may experiment during the Welsh Open with a daily round-up and see how that goes.


Do you think my reports idea is a good one? Is there anything that you feel I could do to improve the site? Do you have any feedback on anything else at all? If so then please do let me know, all comments whether critical (so long as they are constructive) or not are welcome.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who continues to visit the site. Views are continuing to increase on a weekly basis and this Monday saw a record amount of visitors to the site so again, cheers for reading!