Heads up: Ricky Walden Snooker World Exhibition in Mannheim

When browsing various snooker sites in the pursuit of referee statistics last night I discovered that there will be a snooker exhibition in Germany next month featuring Shanghai Masters winner Ricky Walden. Click below if you would like to go…

First things first, forgive me if I have mistranslated anything, my German is non-existent so I am relying on the erratic Google translate function which can produce amusing results at the best of times!

Date and Schedule

Taken from this page on the Snooker World Mannheim website:

The event will take place on Saturday February 7th and the schedule is as follows:

14:00 to 16:00 for exclusive VIP tickets (Tips & Tricks from professionals for our VIP guests)
18:00 Admission for all other guests
19:00-  Exhibition, tombola (to win frames against Ricky, etc. ..)

Note that the address of the venue and other useful information can also be found via that link.


Prices for VIP Tickets: € 50, – (formerly the exclusive admission. Limited to 20 tickets!)

Under 16’s: €5

All others: €20

How to book

Information and tickets: Tel.0621 72739377 (Germany), or email snookerworld-mannheim@web.de

If you are interested in the event and do not live in Germany, the number is: 0049 621 72739377

If anyone will be visiting the event and would like to write a report from the day for this site then please get in touch and I would be more than happy to publish it.