Flower Power

As careful readers may have spotted, over the last few days (which have been rather dull as far as snooker news goes),  I have taken the opportunity to update my referees pages and while doing so one thing suddenly occurred to me…

When looking at various YouTube clips to identify who had refereed certain major finals, what struck me as how much nicer the arenas used to look back in the 80’s and 90’s, in particular the Masters at Wembley in the B&H days.

While in general I am not exactly a flower person, I do think that they helped to brighten up the arenas and give them a bit of character that I think is sadly lacking these days. Indeed but for the sponsors you could visit the UK Championship, Grand Prix, Welsh Open, Northern Ireland Trophy…almost any of the current events and you would not really know where you are.

Only the Crucible Theatre and the arenas over in China appear to really have a distinct identity right now and I think that this is something that could be improved with something as simple as a few flowers.