World Series of Snooker: The Grand Final

Just days after the conclusion of the 2009 World Championship, snooker is back on our screens this weekend in the form of the World Series as the Grand Final is staged in Portugal…

Time flies but it is almost a year now since the World Series got off the ground in Jersey last June and already it has made a real impression on fans in mainland Europe who now have the opportunity to see their heroes in the flesh, rather than just on television.

As said on the official website, this weekend sees the culmination of over a year’s hard work as the Grand Final takes place in Portugal and just looking at the names involved, it should be well worth a watch.

For details of the players involved and the tournament schedule, please click here.

As stated by David Hendon over at Snooker Scene Blog, the TV times (Eurosport 2) are as follows:

(all times UK)
Friday, May 8: 6.45-10.15pm
Saturday, May 9: 8.45pm-12am
Sunday, May 10: 8.30pm-12am

For me personally it is not actually the established names that I am most looking forward to seeing, but the likes of Luca Brecel, Michal Zielinski and Schachar Ruberg, all of whom I have heard a lot of good things about. Brecel in particular will be worth looking at as having just won the European under-19’s Championship not long after his 14th birthday, he would appear to be one to watch for the future.

If any readers are planning to attend the event, feel free to send me your pictures and/or stories from the trip, enjoy!