PSB Summer Preview

With the season now at an end you could be forgiven for thinking that the snooker world will now stand still until August but that is not the case and as such, neither will PSB as I look to improve the site for 2009/10…

Summer of Snooker

As far as the action on the table is concerned, firstly we have the World Series which is taking place this week in Portugal, before the 2009/10 campaign gets underway in Killarney next week. Hopefully this will continue to go from strength to strength and with the recent announcement of a new sponsor in the form of, the signs are good.

As well as the professionals however, there will be a series of international and amateur tournaments taking place as the race for 2009/10 tour places intensifies. These include the Asian Championship (due to come to a conclusion tomorrow), the European Championship, the European Play Offs and the Pro Ticket Tour Play Offs.

Finally there will also be the Festivals over and Pontin’s and then the start of the new PIOS season as the race for 2010/11 tour places gets underway. As you can see therefore, while the summer gives the professionals a bit of a break, there will still be some important events worth keeping an eye on.

Blog Updates

Despite this however, it is clear that after my first season of running this blog, I now have an opportunity to make improvements that I have not been able to do due to the amount of things going on during the main season.

As those of you who have checked my Players page within the last couple of days will have noticed, I have already re-arranged the players in accordance with the new rankings for next season, as well as moving those who have lost their places into a new section at the bottom of the page.

The profiles are now all updated to the end of the 2008/9 season, though apart from that of Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, the profiles of the new players to step up to the tour next year are still to be written. This should not take too long however and to help me ensure that all of the profiles are accurate, Sammy from Snooker Sceney has kindly offered to work through them with me. Hopefully by the time the new season comes round all of the profiles will be completed to a high standard.

In addition, the TV/Commentary and Legends pages will also hopefully be completed as despite having intended to do them long before now, I’ve sadly not found the time and they have been put off. Hopefully now though I can get these profiles written. Though I did get around to writing my referees pages, these should be improved significantly during the coming weeks thanks to some help I have received from professional referee Andy Yates. Watch this space.

It is not just the profiles that I want to improve however as my results, rankings and calendar pages could also be a lot better. Again as some of you may have spotted, I have split my results/rankings page into two and am currently working on making them more refined and informative than they already are. Still very much a work in progress however.

When all this is done I hope that we will be much better prepared for next season and this site will prove a useful resource for anyone with an interest in snooker.