Reynolds on the mend

Readers may have heard recently that former World Championship quarter-finalist Dean Reynolds unfortunately suffered a stroke prior to the start of this year’s Crucible event. Good news to report today however as according to an interview in the Sheffield Star, Dean is making good progress with his recovery…

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Dean is quoted as saying:

“It all started when my hand started to feel numb in the morning.

“Later on the sensation got worse and soon I wasn’t able to lift myself up.

“When my landlord found me I was taken to the Northern General Hospital.”

“I have made a great deal of progress, the treatment has been excellent, and the exercises I have been working on with the physiotherapist have helped me get some movement back.”

“I do hope that in time I will be able to play snooker again, although it may be like starting from scratch if I have to use my right hand rather than my left which has been most affected by the stroke.”

Personally I am too young to really remember Dean at his best but looking at his record on paper he was clearly a useful player towards the end of the 1980’s. Having spent four seasons inside the top 16, he reached a career high ranking of number 8 for the 1990/1 season. His best ranking results were two finals in 1989, though he lost out in both to Tony Meo and Steve Davis respectively.

Good luck to him with the rest of his recovery.