Ronnie on fitness, lifestyle and the Masters

By his own admission Ronnie O’Sullivan was not the most physically fit snooker player in the game as a youngster, but these days it is well known that he is a keen runner and puts a lot of effort into ensuring that he is fit and well. On that note he has been talking to ‘weight loss guru’ Pete Cohen about a variety of related subjects…

To listen to the podcast between Ronnie and Pete, please click here and scroll down the page.

The conversation lasts for about 35 minutes and is an interesting insight into one of snooker’s most complex characters as he talks about his eating habits as a youngster, why he feels that it is important to be physically fit and also the depression that he has suffered down the years.

On the snooker side he also talks about his victory in the Wembley Masters earlier this year and how he had to adapt to playing with a cue that he did not like, as well as how he has at times struggled with his game in practice and the effect that this has had on him.