Generations of Snooker: Wuppertal exhibition report

As I posted back in February, while there is still somehow not a ranking event taking place over in Germany, snooker is still continuing to thrive there and this has been proven again by the Generations of Snooker exhibition staged in Wuppertal last weekend…

Thank you to Markus from Planet Reckless who has taken the time to write a short round-up of the event as well as take some photos from the venue.

According to his report there were around 1,600 spectators in attendance which as Mark Selby reportedly suggests is a great figure and probably more than would be attracted for some of the main tour events these days. You can sense from looking at his photo gallery that there was a really good atmosphere there and hopefully they will be rewarded with a ranking event tournament sooner rather than later as it is plain to see that there is sufficient interest there.

From what Markus tells me it sounds like it was a really enjoyable event with the players in good humour and also good form. As for the winners, he tells me that Ali Carter took victory in the mini-pro tournament staged while Stephen Hendry won the mixed doubles competiton.

If anyone else was at the Wuppertal event, feel free to leave your thoughts on the event here.