General Cup International: Day Two News and Photos

Day two from Hong Kong as the big guns entered the fray and while they have all managed to come through as winners, they did not have things their own way. In addition you can also view photos from the event as kindly submitted by PSB reader ddrIII…

July 14th – Round Robin Groups 1 & 2 (Best of 7 frames)

Liang Wenbo 4-2 Chan Wai Kei
82-13, 63-53, 71-35, 32-65, 1-61, 102(98)-16
Marco Fu 4-2 Li Yan
78(66)-0, 25-103(56), 75-30, 91(78)-20, 12-82(73), 61-20
Ricky Walden 4-3 Chan Wai Kei
125(111)-1, 80-39, 12-85(51), 10-68(59), 62-69, 58-56, 73-5

As you can see from the scores above, all of the matches were both very tight and of a high standard, but for Chan Wai Kei in particular, it was not to be his day as the professionals came out on top. Against the newly crowned Beijing International champion Liang Wenbo he put up a good fight from 2-0 down before eventually going down 4-2, while he pushed Ricky Walden all the way to a deciding frame. Li Yan meanwhile, who defeated Anda Zhang to qualify for the round robin stage also did well before world number 8 Marco Fu got the better of him.