World Games 2009: Last 16 Results

As well as the English Open, another tournament currently underway is the World Games over in China and the last two days have seen the last 16 matches played to a conclusion with some interesting results…

Results from Global Snooker:

Last 16 (Best of 5 frames)

Shu Hung Lin (Ch Tai) 3-0 Francois Ellis (SA)
61-52, 70-29, 55-34
David Grace (UK) 3-2 Atthasit Mahitthi (Thai)
51-69, 76-43, 114-8, 0-90, 60-54
Glen Wilkinson (Aus) 1-3 Soheil Vehedi (Iran)
31-70, 58-27, 32-69, 54-58
Mike Dunn (UK) 2-3 Mohammed Awad (Egy)
34-65, 75-6, 24-62, 62-25, 62-69
Nigel Bond (UK) 3-0 Dene O’Kane (NZ)
84-25, 82-20, 67-42
Paul Davies (UK) 1-3 Thepchaiya Un Nooh (Thai)
68-23, 21-78, 20-74, 39-61
Stephen Craigie (UK) 2-3 Mohammed Shehab (UAE)
21-122, 60-40, 7-76, 52-39, 36-81.
Wu Yu Lin (Ch Tai) 3-1 Ricky Walden (UK)
36-60, 61-45, 58-8, 75-19

As you will see, the most surprising result is probably that at the end which has seen world number 20 Ricky Walden, the highest ranked player in the event, crash out at the first hurdle to Wu Yu Lin. Given Ricky’s hectic schedule at the moment as well as the fact that his opponent was playing on home turf then perhaps the result becomes less of a shock, but I would still have expected him to win this one. Next up for Wu Yu Lin is Mohammed Shebab who also caused a surprise by coming through against former tour player Stephen Craigie.

The shocks don’t end there though as Mike Dunn crashed out against Egypt’s Mohammed Awad, while other tour players such as Atthasit Mahittihi and Paul Davies also saw their tournament come to an end at this stage.

The main tour players who did manage to win however were Nigel Bond who came through against veteran Dene O’Kane without losing a frame, while IBSF champion Thepchaiya Un-nooh was the man who defeated Davies.

As an aside, if you are wonder how exactly this field came to be decided, there is a good article here at Global Snooker which should answer your questions.