Site News: Rankings Pages Updated

A quick heads up about my revamped rankings pages which are now almost ready for the new season…

You can access my main rankings page by clicking here where you will find several banners which link to more specific pages. Note I do plan on improving those banners so bear with me on that.

First up are the official rankings for the 2009/10 season as formulated by the results from the previous two seasons. These will dictate which stage players will enter each ranking event tournament for the duration of the upcoming campaign.

Secondly comes my provisional rankings page which not only takes into account the results from 2008/9, but also the new 2009/10 season as and when events are completed. In addition I have also added on the minimum points that the players will earn from each event, for example if John Higgins were to lose in the first round of every tournament, he would gain the 6160 points from this season that I have given him and no more. Hopefully I will be able to update this frequently, ideally after each round of qualifying matches though this may not always be possible.

Next up is the one year list for 2009/10 which is similar to the list above, only ignoring the results from the previous season. This will most likely prove to be the best way of telling which players are in the best form during the course of this season.

Finally we have the final rankings from 2008/9 and the one-year list from 2008/9. Both of these lists are now complete but will remain as an archive of the previous season.

If you have any feedback on how I have displayed the information, if you spot any errors or simply have some suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.