World Series: Prague Scores (Saturday)

Today sees the start of the latest leg of the World Series of Snooker as the game hits Prague. Click below to see the scores from Saturday’s four matches…

Saturday 7th October 2009

Stephen Maguire 5-0 Michal Krystof
56(56)-0, 47-21, 61-31, 41-10, 86(64)-2

Graeme Dott 5-0 Osip Zusmanovic
50(28,22)-8, 85(44)-1, 92(87)-0, 53(53)-1

John Higgins 5-1 Lukas Krenek
82(82)-0, 46-12, 98(81)-0, 51(43)-39(38), 26-52, 49-19

Jimmy White 5-0 Sishuo Wang
60(34)-22, 84(44,34)-13, 86(34)-11, 66-23, 78(54)-0

As is often the case on the opening day of World Series events, the local players have unfortunately found themselves completely unclassed by their professional opponents so far. EDIT: Well done to Lukas Krenek for taking a frame against John Higgins however, he did well under the circumstances and could well have taken the final frame before the interval too.

Hopefully both the players and the spectators watching have enjoyed the experience and if any PSB readers are attending today I would love to hear what you think of it…