Champions clash in Six Reds World Championship

Reigning Crucible king John Higgins will face women’s world champion Reanne Evans in the group stage of the inaugural Six Reds World Championship, in association with, in Killarney later this month.

EDIT: Note that the tournament starts tomorrow, Tuesday 15th December.

Higgins has been paired in Group B alongside Evans, the runaway no.1 in the women’s world rankings, Adiyta Mehta from India, Bahrain’s Punit Sagar and Irishman James Corbett.

Stephen Hendry, who won the 15 red world title seven times at the Crucible in Sheffield, will play German-based Brazilian Itaro Santos and Habib Subah of Bahrain.

Shaun Murphy, the 2005 world champion, is in a group which includes Igor Figueiredo, a Brazilian who finished runner-up in the IBSF world amateur championship last month.

And 2002 world champion Peter Ebdon faces a clash with former world no.6 Mike Hallett.

Nottingham’s Michael Holt is among the players who will take on snooker legend Alex Higgins.

Three players from each group will progress to the knockout phase. Live coverage of the last two days, including the final, will be screened on Eurosport.

Six reds snooker is played using the same rules as the established game but with nine fewer reds. It has been described as snooker’s version of Twenty/20 cricket.

The World Championship runs at the INEC in Killarney from December 15 to 18.  Entry is free for the first two days with tickets costing €10 on the final two days.

Full group draw below:

Group A Group B
A1 Shaun Murphy England B1 John Higgins Scotland
A2 Igor Figueiredo Brazil B2 Aditya Mehta India
A3 Declan Brennan N.Ireland B3 Reanne Evans England
A4 Martin Divilly Ireland B4 Punit Sagar Bahrain
A5 Kevin Bowman Ireland B5 James Corbett Ireland
Group C Group D
C1 Ali Carter England D1 Ryan Day Wales
C2 Jamie Jones Wales D2 Mario Fernandez Ireland
C3 John Torpey Ireland D3 Gareth Allen England
C4 Daniel Dempsey Ireland D4 John Coxes England
C5 Adel Omar Meawad Egypt D5 Gavin Stokes Ireland
Group E Group F
E1 Marco Fu China HK F1 Stephen Hendry Scotland
E2 Liam Highfield England F2 Habib Subah Bahrain
E3 Eissa Al Sayed UAE F3 Itaro Santos Brazil
E4 Clinton Franey Ireland F4 Shea Brereton Ireland
E5 Michael Bumster Ireland F5 Patrick Lally Ireland
Group G Group H
G1 Mark Allen Northern Ireland H1 Joe Perry England
G2 Mohammed Shehab UAE H2 Mohammed Al Joker UAE
G3 Greg Casey Ireland H3 Robert Murphy Ireland
G4 Muhammad Atiq Pakistan H4 Oliver Browne England
G5 Raymond McHugh Ireland H5 Kevin O’Leary Ireland
Group I Group J
I1 Peter Ebdon England J1 Mark Williams Wales
I2 Andrew Pagett Wales J2 Leo Fernandez Ireland
I3 Mike Hallett England J3 Ian Glover England
I4 Darren Merza Ireland J4 Joe Corrigan Ireland
I5 David Foran Ireland J5 Dane Mulpeter Ireland
Group K Group L
K1 Mark King England L1 Barry Hawkins England
K2 Martin McCrudden Ireland L2 Vincent Muldoon Ireland
K3 Darren Dornan N.Ireland L3 Michael Smyth N.Ireland
K4 David Eliyau Israel L4 Brendan Thomas Ireland
K5 Alan Cleary Ireland L5 Paul Mount England
Group M Group N
M1 Jamie Cope England N1 Dave Harold England
M2 Adam Duffy England N2 Jordan Brown Northern Ireland
M3 Philip Wildman England N3 Mitchell Mann England
M4 David Cassidy Ireland N4 Stephen Sherry Ireland
M5 Damien Long Ireland N5 Chris Kilcoyle Ireland
Group O Group P
O1 Ricky Walden England P1 Stuart Bingham England
O2 Tony Drago Malta P2 Brendan O’Donoghue Ireland
O3 Shabazz Khan India P3 Neil Craycraft England
O4 John McBride Ireland P4 James Fennessy Ireland
O5 Robbie Walker Ireland P5 Mohammed Siddiq Pakistan
Group Q Group R
Q1 Joe Swail Northern Ireland R1 Michael Holt England
Q2 Michael White Wales R2 David Hogan Ireland
Q3 John Rea Scotland R3 Alex Higgins N.Ireland
Q4 Philip Burke Ireland R4 Alex O Donoghue England
Q5 Mohammad Khizar Raoof India R5 Jim Stewart Scotland
Group S Group T
S1 Stephen Lee England T1 Matthew Stevens Wales
S2 Ben Wollaston England T2 Joe Delaney Ireland
S3 Michael Walsey England T3 Marc Davis Scotland
S4 Hugh Murdock N.Ireland T4 Philip Browne Ireland
S5 Barry Mulpeter Ireland T5 Gary Walsh Ireland
Group U Group V
U1 Liang Wenbo China V1 Nigel Bond England
U2 David Morris Ireland V2 Robert Milkins England
U3 Lucky Vatnani India V3 Peter Bullen Belgium
U4 Aaron Doran N.Ireland V4 Gennaro Delvecchio England
U5 Anthony O’Connor Ireland V5 Ray Power Ireland
Group W Group X
W1 Fergal O Brien Ireland X1 Gerard Greene Northern Ireland
W2 Barry Pinches England X2 Mark Davis England
W3 Ross Higgins Scotland X3 Greg Batton England
W4 Jason Waters Ireland X4 Richie Flynn Ireland
W5 Brendan Murphy Ireland X5 Joe Charles Ireland
Group Y Group Z
Y1 Michael Judge Ireland Z1 Andrew Higginson England
Y2 Marcus Campbell Scotland Z2 Ken Doherty Ireland
Y3 Kieran McMahon N.Ireland Z3 Sascha Ruhberg Israel
Y4 Kieran O Leary England Z4 Lewis Miles England
Y5 Imran Faood Ireland Z5 Lee Gorton England