Hearn: 'Everybody is innocent until proven guilty'

As reported in the Herald this evening, Barry Hearn has spoken out regarding the status of the ongoing investigation into the John Higgins saga which it is hoped will soon be entering its final phase…

Hearn is quoted by The Herald as saying:

“The investigation which is being carried out by [the former Metropolitan Police chief] David Douglas, is close to being completed and the next stage of the process will be to hand his findings on to an independent tribunal,”

“We have to be painstaking in the way we carry this out, and both John and [his former manager] Pat Mooney, will get the chance to put their side of the story, because everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

“We have done all we can to make sure this investigation is done independently of the WPBSA, because I’ve known John for nearly 20 years and this matter has to be left to other people. I hope, as much for John’s sake as anybody else’s, that the tribunal will be able to arrive at a judgment within a month of receiving the submission from David.”

There is little more to add to what Barry has to say, other than to mark the end of July in the diary as a time for which we might hear more…