PSB Rankings

Regular readers will know how I like to be up to date with updating rankings and the changes this season certainly provide a new challenge for me as far as that is concerned…

While I cannot complete a full table at this moment in time due to the fact that the ranking points tariffs for the new season have not yet been unveiled, I have produced a template for how I am planning to display the rankings during the coming season and you can view that here.

As you can see, the idea is to produce a new page for each section of the season so that you will know exactly what people need to do ahead of each mid-season update to the rankings. I will do this by showing the minimum points for each of the events combined with points from 2009/10 (which will count for at least the next year), and those from the latter half of 2008/9.

The first three events of 2008/9 will not be included as these will be ‘dropped’ following the first revision this October.

Obviously the figures on my draft are not yet complete, but any feedback or suggestions in relation to how I am planning to display the information would be appreciated below!