The John Higgins Saga: End in Sight?

Since that surreal evening back in May when word of the John Higgins sting first filtered through there has been a lot of uncertainty as to what the outcome of the whole affair would be. Four months on, this week will see Higgins given the opportunity to put his case forward at a tribunal in London and hopefully a final decision will be made one way or the other…

Without access to all of the facts I don’t think that it would be fair to comment on the outcome of the hearing one way or another save to say that I hope that a line can be drawn under it after this week and that everyone, in particular John will know where they stand afterwards. Of course that in all likelihood won’t happen, assuming that whatever the outcome of the hearing is, someone will appeal it, but the situation should become a little clearer nevertheless.

To view a chronology of the events since May including links to all of the excellent articles published by Sporting Intelligence, the best place to go is to this page over at The Snookerbacker Blog (TSB sounds too much like the bank).