World Snooker Championship 2011: Ticket Details

Somewhat earlier than usual, news of the ticket details for this season’s World Championship is now starting to filter through…

The information comes by way of this thread over at TSF and the information posted by Chris, aka The Statman who has long-since been a season ticket holder at the venue.

The prices are apparently:

Saturday 16 to Monday 25 April (First and Second round)

Morning (10:00) and afternoon (2:30 but 2:00 on Thursday) sessions are £15 per ticket
Evening sessions (7:00) are £20 per ticket

Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 April (Quarter-Finals)

Morning (10:00) and afternoon (2:30) sessions are £23
Evening sessions (7:00) are £28

Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 April (Semi-Finals)

Morning (10:00) and afternoon (2:30 but 2:00 on Thursday) sessions are £28
Evening sessions (7:00) are £35

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 May (Final)

Saturday sessions (2:00 and 7:30) and Monday afternoon (2:30) are £47
Monday evening (7:30) is £60

With ticket prices being raised by a noticeable amount this year (on average between £3-£5 per session), it will not be a cheap trip for fans but as ever I’m sure it will be worth it, particularly with the shake-up that will be provided by the mid-season ranking updates this year.
Personally I do think that it is a shame that we will not know which matches we are booking tickets for this year as they apparently go on sale from the 30th October 2010, long before the seedings are confirmed. It is an impossible problem to solve really but it does mean that personally I will be sitting tight and hoping to pick up some returns closer to the start of the tournament rather than buying my tickets in advance…