On Q Promotions Announces QSP Structure

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In line with our affirmed policy of open governance and close player liaison at South West Snooker Academy, we are pleased to announce we have acted upon the players’ feedback to enable as many players as possible to participate and fully benefit from the series.

Issues raised by the players, who were disappointed that they may not be able to participate, included timings of the events, conflicting dates in their diaries and funding led us to implement the following refinements to the QSP Series:

1. Events will now run Saturday-Sunday.
2. Players best 3 from 4 events will count towards their Ranking Position.
3. Entry payments may now be taken in two instalments.

These three actions will save players additional costs for accommodation, avoid taking a day off work on Friday and will enable players to still compete in QSP series and miss an event if they have a date clash, and spread out the cost of entry.

As the Academy has been booked out for the QSP for 3 days the South West Snooker Academy is delighted to announce a FREE practice day at the Academy, on the Friday prior to all QSP events for all those players who would like to take advantage of it.


Ranking Points: Ranking points will be issued as follows: Winner 100 points, Runner Up – 75, Semi Finalist – 50, Quarter Finalist – 25, Last 16 – 10 points, Last 32 – 5 points. Additionally players will receive one point per frame won in their losing match. Players take their best 3 results to count towards the final ranking list.

Entry Fees: The total entry fee for the 4 event series is £350. This may be paid in one payment by cheque, credit card or BACs transfer. Or may be paid in two instalments: First payment £200 with entry and second payment £150 by 2nd February 2011.

Extended Closing date: 14 January 2011

Draws: The draw for Event 1 will be made on 15 January and published on our website at http://www.facebook.com/l/38f319vqKAAfUMftKJFRLyeMTNQ;www.southwestsnookeracademy.com.

We will also email players to give you your start times.

The draws for Events 2, 3 and 4 will be done live in the players’ lounge at event one.

Event Dates:
Event One: 22-23 January 2011
Event Two: 5-6 February 2011
Event Three: 19-20 February 2011
Event Four: 19-20 March 2011

The prize fund will be, as previously announced, based on the number of entrants in the tournament.
Further information at www.southwestsnookeracademy.com or telephone: 01452 223214 or email janie.watkins@onqpromotions.co.uk or sarah.mount@onqpromotions.co.uk .