2011/12 Projected Seedings Available Now

A few people have been asking me recently about when I would have the new projected seedings list available for the start of next season and following the confirmation of the cut-off points from World Snooker, I have now put together my first draft of how the new projected list is shaping up based on the information available…

  • To view the new list, please click here.

As you can see the list is not yet complete due to the fact that the main tour players have not yet been confirmed yet, while I have also made the assumption that the points from the 2009 Shanghai Masters and 2009 Grand Prix tournaments will be removed at the first cut-off, but it does give you an idea as to who will require a strong start to the season.

If you do spot any mistakes then please let me know either via email or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. As this is a fresh list it is perhaps inevitable that a few typos will have been made but I am sure that these will soon be spotted as is always the case, and is always appreciated!

Important points to bear in mind when looking at this list are:

  • Although not yet confirmed, it has been widely rumoured for some time that the ‘overseas ranking event’ referred to on the World Snooker calendar will be staged in Australia. I understand that the points schedule for this event will be the same as that of the German Masters and the Welsh Open which I think is logical for a brand new event.
  • As stated above, I have made the assumption that the points from the 2009 Shanghai Masters and 2009 Grand Prix tournaments will be removed at the first cut-off point ahead of the UK Championship, however this has not yet been confirmed. Should this change then I will edit that accordingly.
  • With regard to the fact that there are now 100 players on the tour, necessitating a new pre-qualifying round, players who lose in that round will still receive the last 96 losers points (eg 200 in Australia). Players who win during the pre-qualifying round however will gain no extra points.
  • Starter points awarded in respect of the 2009/10 season will be the equivalent of the 8th player to survive outside of the top 64 via the one-year list during that season, eg 5040. Assuming that World Snooker choose to divide this into the six ranking events that were staged during 2009/10 and take 860 off per event, I have therefore removed 1680 at the first cut-off point.
  • With regard to starter points for 2010/11 it does appear as though they will be taken from the lowest player to retain a place on the tour for 2011/12 which by right was Igor Figueiredo who gained 8,325 points during last season. I am not sure however as to whether players surviving on the Q School such as Adam Wicheard (who gained fewer points than Igor), may affect this. Will they be treated as having regained or retained their tour status? I have opted to assume the former at this stage but will amend that column for the applicable players if required.