Rankings News: Starter Points Amended (Again)

As a those of you who follow me on Twitter may be aware following my tweet yesterday, following the recent Australian Open there has been a slight tweak to the starter points for the three players who competed during the 2009/10 season but not the 2010/11 season, namely Daniel Wells, Sam Baird and Andrew Norman.

Instead of retaining their points actually earned during 2009/10 leading up to their relegation, those players will now receive the same starter points as other newcomers to the tour this season as reflected on World Snooker’s official list.

On balance this has to be a good decision I believe as previously both Daniel and Andrew would have faced little to no chance of reaching the top 64 during the first half of this season through no fault of their own, while Sam Baird would have faced a huge drop at the end of this season due to his strong finish a couple of years ago.

As it is, they have instead been given a clean slate which I believe is appropriate and will give each of them a fair opportunity to retain their place on the circuit.

The new figures are now reflected on my projected seedings page.