PTC3 Amateur Stage Latest, Draw Confusion (Updated)

Friday Morning UPDATE: No news yet from World Snooker as to what is happening with the draw so for any players reading I would strongly recommend contacting World Snooker to clarify when you are next playing. This is because Michael Wasley for example is now playing on Saturday having originally been told that he would be playing on Friday, while the opposite applies to Ben Harrison who now plays practice partner Stephen Lee today when he had believed that he would be playing tomorrow.

The situation has not been helped also by the fact that the ‘wrong’ draw has been updated overnight on World Snooker and is still showing the original fixtures.

If anyone becomes aware of any other changes then please leave a comment below as I will not be able to update this post throughout the day.

A short post to draw to your attention the latest scores from the amateur rounds of PTC3 with the professional rounds to begin tomorrow.

There does however appear to be some confusion among the players as several have reported on Twitter that they have been told they are playing different opponents to those stated on the World Snooker website. Quite where the problem is coming from I am not sure but while Michael Wasley would on the face of it appear to be playing Mark Williams tomorrow, according to his Twitter he will in fact play Tony Drago on Saturday.

Hopefully a revised order of play will come to light and if so I will link that here but for now it may be wise to take those currently published with a pinch of salt!