World Snooker Publish PTC8 Draw

As a few of you may have spotted yesterday, World Snooker have now published the draw for the last 128 of the PTC8 event in Killarney with the amateur draw to follow in the coming days. The best place to view that is here at WWW Snooker.

Again it should be noted that with 96 professional entrants, World Snooker have not seeded any of the five amateur players who finished inside the top 64 on the Order of Merit after PTC4.

This has proved to be a controversial point as whether or not those amateurs should be seeded, to me the real issue is that the Players Pack has at best proved to be unclear, at worst misleading and it is clear that even the players themselves do not know where they stand. Whether behind the scenes or in public this is a grey area that requires clarification.

To view the important dates for your diary this year and all of the published draws so far, please view my calendar page here.