Stephen Hendry: Doing The Business

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A couple of nights ago I was randomly watching videos on YouTube and whilst doing so stumbled across this 48 minute documentary titled ‘Stephen Hendry – Doing The Business’ which was recorded by the BBC in 1988 and thought it interesting enough to flag up here, for a couple of reasons…

The film documents Hendry’s early rise through to his victory at the 1987 Grand Prix and offers a fascinating insight into not only Stephen as an enthusiastic, confident 18-year-old, but in particular his relationship with long-term manager Ian Doyle. It is interesting to see how close the two were and the faith that Ian placed in Stephen, as well as the support that he also enjoyed from others close to him and the joy behind the scenes as he claimed his first major title.

The footage is a real eye-opener for those who are not old enough to remember Hendry as he burst onto the snooker scene back in the late 1980’s and a reminder of the impact that he had on the game at the time.

Perhaps even more than that however, the other thing that really strikes me when watching a young Hendry on the video is how much it reminds me of watching current snooker sensation Judd Trump now in 2011. Seeing how fresh-faced, confident and carefree Hendry looked as a teenager back then it is hard not to draw parallels with how Judd has carried himself both on and off the table during the past nine months.

It is a real reminder for me of just how exciting it is for us fans to see a new face breaking through at the very top of the game and of how important a factor that is in attracting new interest to the game both home and abroad.

Any takers on a behind the scenes video of Judd at next year’s World Championship?