World Snooker Issues Updated Calendar

Earlier on Twitter, World Snooker linked to (another), updated version of this season’s tour calendar and with no reference as to what the changes are, I have had a look through to try and identify what exactly has changed from the previous version…

  • Click here to view my updated 2012/13 calendar at PSB
  • Click here to view the calendar at World Snooker

Having compared the latest edition of the calendar to that which went before, the changes that I have noticed can be summarised as follows:

  • The ‘potential invitation event’ pencilled in to start on 29th August 2012 has been removed
  • Previously there were two ‘APTC3 options’ – the first has now been removed and the event will be staged 5-9 November 2012
  • The second mid-season seedings revision has been brought forward ahead of APTC3, so comes straight after the International Championship
  • The German Masters qualifiers have been reduced to three days
  • The Seniors World Championship will be staged in Portsmouth, not Plymouth as previously indicated

Have you spotted any other changes? I would imagine that the majority of dates will now be set in stone, particularly those for which tickets have already been sold such as the World and UK Championship.

There remain however a couple of ‘potential’ events in place and it remains to be seen whether they will indeed go ahead…