2014 German Masters Format Leaked, Power Snooker Off

Within my recent discussion of the pros and cons of the proposed switch to flat 128 draws next season, one of the factors that I considered was the practical point of where the early round matches will be played.

Today we have been given something of a clue, as the format for the 2014 German Masters appears to have been revealed over at this Facebook page, which subject to Google Translate being accurate, states that 64 players will be in action at the venue, with eight tables in use. Please click below for a translation of the full announcement.

Meanwhile in other news, the Power Snooker event schedule to take place later this month now appears to have been cancelled, the event no longer showing on World Snooker’s tournaments page…

In respect of the German Masters, the translation of the original statement reads as follows:

“Love snooker fans, the negotiations with the ESC and the Tempodrom are completed!

From 29.01. – 02.02.2014 the fourth German Masters instead be found!

Barry Hearn structured currently playing the tournament structures confused by it all go on for even more attractive.
This means for Berlin the following format:

128 professionals all play in the first round in a knockout system. The remaining 64 players will then be on display ALL the Tempodrom.
Of course, this always creates debate among the players and spectators. A top star can then possibly emphasize in Round 1 the sail.
Other young players get greedy but also the flavour of the Tempodrom feel what is probably unique in the tour.

Now make sure a lot of the question: How ma get as many games in the first place?!?
The solution: 8 tables – 7 in the main hall, a table in the small arena

Round 1 – Wednesday on at all three sessions and Thursday morning
Round 2 – Thursday afternoon and evening
Round 3 – Friday at noon
Quarter-finals – Friday evening
Semi Finals – Saturday
Finals – Sunday

Tickets will be at least as of the beginning of the World Cup.
We look forward once again to the great atmosphere with you!

Your Dragon Stars team”

So interestingly, there will be an additional three tables in place at the venue, with the event remaining a five-day tournament at the Tempodrom. It remains to be seen where the last 128 matches will be played if this is accurate, while for those who thought that the tournament felt rushed this year, it will be even more so in 2014.

What do you think? Will it work? Let me know @prosnookerblog