Judgment Reserved In Stephen Lee Hearing

With no ranking event snooker to be played this week, all eyes have been on the long-awaited disciplinary hearing concerning Stephen Lee, which began in Bristol on Monday.

The latest news from Adam Lewis QC, Chair of the Independent disciplinary hearing, is that judgment has been reserved, with his findings to be delivered ‘in due course’. It has been suggested by Snooker Scene’s Dave Hendon on Twitter that judgment will be handed down either later this week, or early next week.

While the procedure in this case may be somewhat different to what I am used to, as someone who works in the legal profession myself, this comes as no surprise as it will inevitably take some time to prepare a judgment suitable to be handed down, let alone come to a decision and any potential sanction.

I have also heard that any judgment will be made open to the public, something that I feel is an important move in the interests of transparency going forward.

More news as and when I get it…