Your Snooker Moments of 2013

As the snooker year has now reached its end, a few days ago I tweeted to ask for your most memorable moments of 2013 and as promised, you can find a mix of replies below. Was your moment one of those mentioned, or was there something else that stuck in your mind this year? Let me know @prosnookerblog

Matthew Lester ‏@Matt_Lester

Ronnie having a year off and winning the Worlds. I can’t take #SPOTY serious now he hasnt made the shortlist

Kai Maass ‏@snooker_crpo

Ding wins three ranking titles in a row

Kai Maass@snooker_crpo 

Steve Davis wins World Senior Title

Idiot Punter@Quick_asyoulike 

N Foulds retelling the Clive Everton curry incident

Graeme Ramage @‏Graemage 

visiting the crucible for the first time and being treated to a tour by @WorldSnooker1 and witnessing @ronnieo147 win 5th WC

Baqar Raza Zaidi ‏@Be_Are89 

ronnie winning world championship

Timo Partanen@PartanenTimo 

Mark Selby pots the 16th black of 147 for the first time in snooker history into the middle pocket.

Idiot Punter@Quick_asyoulike 

lovely to see Dechawat get a maxi too.Probably never win a trophy so for him to be able to always look back at that is great


Tough call. So many! PTC Grand Final, Murphy v Trump at worlds, Ding’s entire year, Neil completing the triple crown.

Stephen Barton@tedisbill 

Ronnie winning the World Championships and Mark Selby’s 147 was great to watch! #snookerhighlights

Gareth Padge@Padge_ 

Ronnie’s comeback to retain his championship and Ding winning three rankings events on the trot, both very impressive.

Mary snooker ‏@marysnooker147

Neil Robertson wins UK Championship and completes Triple Crown


Great Q.In absence WC classic, I’d say Ballrun’s smash up from 8-3 down. Bring back the World Cup 2!

Secret Snookerplayer ‏@SecretSnooker

mike Dunn coming off twitter was a highlight


1. SqueakyChairGate in Coventry 2. Drago meltdown in qualifying (this year?) 3. O’Sullivan world win

Victor De Baere@VBaeri

Definetly Ronnie thrashing everybody at the world championships!

joan minchin@joanm12 

seeing Dings 147 live at PTC grand finals. Only missed 1frame all week. First time getting to a tournament! Amazing week

Maja Soeller@laptopjunkie 

the Paul Hunter Classic in Furth and there watching young Lukas Kleckers 

Mehta and Advani’s success in the new Indian Open.

David Hendon ‏@davehendon 

one of the best matches was the Welsh Open final

Snooker Island ‏@snookerisland 

Ding v Fu final was one of them.

Phil ‏@phil4321566

Every @Stuart__Bingham defeat mainly … 🙂

Monique @‏MoniqueLimbos

there were a few to me. ROS 5th WC under the circumstances, Ding winning in China, Pankaj and Aditya run in India. Neil completing the “triple crown” last week. 2/2

Michael Annison ‏@CueActionBlog 

Personally Trump/Murphy from the World’s was the best match of the year comfortably.

Hector Nunns ‏@senornunes 

Really enjoyed seeing Carter win in Berlin and Maguire in Wales. Both very big, personal titles for the players involved

Neil ‏@NeilGO70 

Ronnie’s world champ…. #nuffsaid

Daniel McLaughlin @‏Dan23_92 

Selby’s 147 at the UK. The clearance on the colours was magic.

Dave Eagle ‏@davidlloydeagle 

Cliff Thorburn’s trip to Sheffield. But how did he get there?!

Oiy RP ‏@babyoiy 

“When I heard Ronnie has to play again to get money for his kid’s education… WB Rocket! 😀

Stewart A @‏StewartA90

Poomjaeng’s heroics and three misses at the Crucible.

Jim The Judge @‏JimTheJudge

Neil winning 4-0 with 4 centuries and his opponent not potting a ball!

Ian Alley@IanAlley

The Whirlwind back on the BBC a couple of weeks ago. Wrong result, but great to see him there. And his ITV 4 documentary.


Ronnie winning the Worlds, Selby making the 100th Maximum and Ding winning in China #snookerhighlights

Sergei Minkov ‏@SMinkov

the end of St. Lee’s snooker career, 3 maxis in 5 days, @ronnieo147‘s controversial play, good snooker coverage by bloggers.

TheGreenBaize ‏@TheGreenBaize 

As someone who grew up watching Steve Davis holding aloft trophies,my highlight was seeing him do that again @ World Seniors