Players Championship Finals In Doubt?

Following on from the story first reported by Inside Snooker here and here, I have this morning received tweets from @snookerthailand suggesting that the Players Championship Grand Finals, scheduled to be played at the end of March, have been ‘cancelled’.

The tweets are as follows:

‘Hi Matt any idea what will happen now with PTC Grand Finals now Bangkok is cancelled’

‘Yes we had confirmation from trusted source Cuethong because of warnings several embasy problems with insurance cover’ … but it is in Thai and the source can be trusted member of Thailand Billiards’

‘info comes from President Thailand Billiard and Barry Hearn has been informed’

Until there is a more official announcement, it is difficult to comment further, hopefully we will hear more shortly. To clarify, I am sure that the event will go ahead, but it appears unlikely that it will do so in Bangkok.

UPDATE: Eurosport’s Dave Hendon has today said on air that World Snooker have told him that the tournament venue will probably be announced on Monday. Watch this space…