World Snooker Releases 2014/15 Tour Information


While there might have been more eye-catching stories today with the WPBSA announcing that Stephen Lee’s latest appeal has been dismissed, while the first Q School event of this season came to a conclusion, the news that caught my eye was the announcement of various bits of tour information for 2014/15 from World Snooker.

With confirmation of which prize money will be dropping off at which seedings revisions, as well as a few other interesting snippets of information, the news also means that I am now able to bring you the first latest projected seedings list, not only of the new season, but of the money list era…

  • Click here to view the latest projected seedings list
  • Click here to view the money to defend at the first mid-season seedings revision

Seeding cut-off points information

  • Click here to view which money will be added/removed at each seedings revision during the 2014/15 season

Always one of the most interesting documents of the season to those of us who follow the rankings closely, we now know which points from the 2012/13 season will be removed at each cut-off and there are a couple of interesting points to note this time.

Firstly, with the calendar now beginning to take a more familiar shape with each passing season, following the initial explosion of events following the return of Barry Hearn (strange to think now that there were 12 PTC events just a few years ago isn’t it?), there is now more of a ‘like for like’ replacement of old money with new at each cut-off.

For example, the money from the 2013 German Masters will be replaced by the 2015 German Masters, the 2013 Welsh Open with money earned from the 2015 Welsh Open and so on.

Interestingly, despite the World Open being moved forward to January, the points from the 2013 event will still be removed immediately after that tournament, despite the notable change in date.


Secondly, as confirmed by Barry Hearn at the Crucible recently, the final cut-off prior to the 2015 World Championship will take place after the China Open, not the Players Championship Grand Finals.

More immediately however, the publication of this information now means that I am able to share the very first latest projected seedings list ahead of the first mid-season seedings revision of the 2014/15 season. This list will determine the seedings for the Shanghai Masters, having removed money earned from the first three events of the 2012/13 season.

For guidance, I have also prepared the first ‘money to defend’ page, showing the amount of money that each player will be losing at the first seedings revision. Further money to defend pages will follow in due course.

Indicative prize money rankings schedule

  • Click here to view the indicative money rankings schedule for 2014/15 (also now available here at PSB)

World Snooker have today also published a prize money schedule for the 2014/15, which for ranking purposes details how money will be awarded at each event.

Perhaps most interesting though is the text at the bottom, which details a few points to note for the new season as the money list comes into effect:

  • Seeded players losing their first match at the World Championship, Shanghai Masters and Australian Goldfields Open will receive no money to their ranking.balls
  • Players who qualify for the final stages of an event, but do not play at the venue stages, will receive no prize money, nor will any prize money count towards their ranking. This is a change to last season, when players would have been able to retain money earned in these circumstances.
  • Euros will continue to be converted at a rate of €1.20 = £1.00, but Australian dollars will now be converted at $1.80 = £1.00, instead of $1.60 = £1.00 as during last season. Indicative prize money for the Australian Goldfields Open is actually down from £45,500 to the winner on last season’s schedule, to £41,667 this year.

147 Prizes

As detailed here, there will continue to be three rolling 147 prizes next season, one for full ranking events (£5,000), one for qualifying events (£500) and one for European Tour events (£500), the latter including the Players Championship Grand Finals.

There will not be a rolling prize for Asian Tour events, unless separately stated prior to the event.